Friday, October 31, 2014

Hochstein Halloween 2015

The boys love a cartoon called Legos Ninjago. So that's what we dressed up as this year. I'm going to keep a family theme for as long as I can. Why do I get a warm fuzzy from the coordination? I don't know, but I know one day the boys will be set on different things and our family Halloween unity will dissipate. And that's okay. But I can enjoy this while it lasts.
Just cute.

Left to right: The Green Ninja, one of the dragons that they fly, and Kai

I was Nya and Justin was Sensei Wu. We had issues with the facial hair, but doesn't his wig rock? And my husband rocks for wearing it.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A visit from Mary and Sarah

We had a visit from Mary and Sarah! Loved having them! Justin and Sarah went to a Pearl Jam concert together, which is why they came. It's nice that they aren't too far away!

They brought Weston and I a birthday cake. YuM!

Sarah took this photo. He loved these cupcakes.

This was our first trip to Chautauqua National Park. They provide little backpacks for the kids with scavenger hunt supplies. It didn't matter that the pack was as large as Donovan, he wanted to carry it.

Mason loves walking sticks.

Here's a trip through El Dorado Canyon again. I obviously had a setting on my camera that was very wrong. Lol. Luckily Sarah took some great ones with very normal settings.


Our favorite indoor pool. We don't have many pictures of us as a family here- thanks Sarah!

Couldn't get this one to rotate. Why does that happen?


Friday, October 24, 2014

Rock Creek Farms

We visited this place a few times. We tried to get a pumpkin from here, but we only found acres and acres of rotten pumpkins. Not sure what was going on with that. However, they have a little play area for the kids and lots of room to run around. This October has delivered the most breathtakingly perfect fall weather I've ever witnessed. We have been outside as much as possible.
He loved this thing. Of course. What kid doesn't?

Here's his bud, Colton.

Of course, the kids want photos in all the photo booths. And I took those photos.

Justin joined us one time. The ground was so uneven that Weston had a hard time walking. Not quite stable on those cute little legs.

We live in a beautiful land.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hiking El Dorado Canyon

We've met up with friends so hike this park. It's so pretty! And easy for the kiddos to get around.
They are real mountain climbers.

They boys love this cave.

No fear. They led the way.

Going down is much more complicated than going up when you have munchkins. Yes I was holding his hood in case of a fall.

Justin is so good at capturing the most flattering angles.

This is them finding nature's little boys' room. There are perks to having all boys.