Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Hochsteins!

Merry Christmas! Here's some of the few Christmas decorations in the Hochstein home this year. Grandma Millie gave us a few of her decorations that she doesn't use anymore. We splurged and bought our first nativity set at Deseret Book for $4. I made the stockings -- my first sewing project! (One of my friends out here had to monitor every move I made. I wish I had paid attention when my mom tried to teach me. . .) And of course, we have the 25 1/2 week bump. It's getting quite largo. Woohoo! ! Yay for big bellies! ! We wish the best for the holidays!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December Ultrasounds!

This ultrasound was another 4-D, and we should have been able to see the baby's face pretty well, but once again the baby was snuggled into my side and had his hands in front of his face (sucking his thumb?). So what we got on the screen was several minutes of orange and black shadows with an occasional bone or brain flashing across the screen. It kind of felt like a scary movie at times, but it was really exciting too. The kind-of okay images we got of the baby could also qualify for images out of a scary movie, but at least we can see a little of his face. The best picture we got out of it was of his cute bum and sexy legs. The 2-D pic we got looks a whole lot like last month's. He must like that pose. We did find out that he has all his fingers and toes, and all the bone structure we could see was in place. The heart is healthy, brain is there, kidneys are there. . . um I think that is all the technician pointed out. Yay! We are having a baby!

Catch Up! Thanksgiving in Georgia!

I LOVED Thanksgiving! It's my favorite holiday. Food, Family, and Football, can life be better? Here are a few pics of the memories: I made banana pudding pie for pie night(we had to serve it with a spoon, it was still pudding trying to pose as a pie, but it tasted good so who cares? ) . We played tennis as a family and Pete sat on the sidelines while showing off his girlish figure, I love the pic of him. Justin and I took my sister's dog, Jack, to the park to run around. I don't know who was happier. . . I hung out with Jess, Meg, and our husbands and went to the Dialogue in the Dark. Really cool, I am glad I am not blind, but it's cool to see life through a blind person's "eyes." I MISS GEORGIA! ! ! I'm excited to go back in January!

Catch Up! New Kids! Yessss!

I went to the New Kids on the Block concert in November with my friend Daniela. I felt like I was 11 again. They are still good. Their new stuff is not my favoritest, but the oldies still made me happy. I dressed up for the occasion, and that really made me feel like I was 11 again. Except when I was 11 I wouldn't have been caught dead in a skirt outside of church. I bought a T-shirt and the greatest hits CD just for kicks.