Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Half a Year for Donovan!

Happy six months to Donovan! He's been such a fun baby! (It would be nice if he would sleep a little longer at night, but otherwise he's been really fun.) Donovan is very into playing with toys, and Mason knows which toys will keep Donovan from fussing. He's pretty quick to grab them and lay them on the floor for D to reach. He's eating real food now. My mom gave me a food grinder that she had from when I was born and I use it several times a day. D loves bananas and apples and carrots the most so far. The cereal is one of his least favorite foods, so he spits it out and then uses the back of his hand to rub it all over his face. It takes about four seconds for his face to look like the picture above. Spitting is a new favorite pastime for Donovan.

Donovan is officially in the 100%ile for his weight, and just a bit less for his height. At 23 lbs 4 oz., he's weighing as much as my friends' kids a year older than him. I love it. Yes, it's a little difficult to hold him and vacuum at the same time, but my arms should come out looking pretty good after this.

We love this boy!

I recorded and uploaded this with my phone and the sound goes out for most of it. You can still see that this kid is strong and active, despite what those rolls may say otherwise. He jumped that night for at least 40 minutes. Maybe longer.
And happy birthday to cousin Eleanor as well!
Here's some cute pics of Mason. We can't leave him out.

Monday, January 2, 2012

An Afternoon at the Playground

I forgot to post these. This was just before Christmas at our little playground behind our house. These boys have so much more fun when their Daddy is playing along with them. Yes, Donovan's coat is way too big, but it was handy when we were walking out the door so it's what he wore. It wasn't very cold at all for the entire holiday season and it was WONDERFUL!

Sometimes we get owies.