Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Videos

If you are in the mood for some Hochsteins.

Love seeing them play together

And here's Weston's lizard tongue. Just ignore what I say. I don't know why I talk while I video tape. It's genetic.

Some Donovan Giggles

Let's hope this is all the fighting they'll ever do.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Hochsteins Meet Weston

Lee, Mary, and Sarah drove over to visit us! It was so nice. The boys are in love with Sarah, and they soak up all the love and attention that is poured out upon them from their Babi, Opa, and Aunt. Justin has learned to have a list of things to do so his dad can stay occupied. Justin's family knows how to work! And they don't hold still very often! I love it. I have a lot to learn from them.
Here are some pictures of the few days they got to be here. We miss them! But it's really nice that they are only a day's drive away now!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

More Weston

Here are some pictures of the first month or so of Weston. My angel mother stayed with us for ten days. The boys got super sick, so I wasn't' losing sleep from a newborn, I was losing sleep from sick kids. In fact, Mason threw up on me before Weston did that first week. He came up to me in bed, said his stomach hurt, and then . . . Ick. Poor boys. So it was so nice to have my mom there, even though my recovery was so easy.
Here are a few pictures of those first couple weeks. They are not in chronological order.
Watching "Epic"

Time to take your medicine, Donovan!

Playing Angry Birds. Grandma Rocks.

Sick Baby.

Wendy's Happy Meal. They are donkeys. D wasn't the least bit concerned that his eyes were covered in this costume.

A present from Donovan

Trying so hard to get both eyes looking in the same direction!

This was the day after my birthday. Snow. Mason loved it.

Snow day activities.

"Hello Baby! Wake up!"


I couldn't pick one from these three. So I posted all of them.