Monday, May 18, 2009

Cute? Mason

Here are a few of our favorite faces of Mason. Many of these are poop faces. Click to enlarge.

And this is a typical morning routine for our manly baby. The highlights come at about 1:07,1:22, 1:31, and the climax starts at 1:39. WARNING: this is not a cutsie moment! Justin and I have watched this a dozen times and laugh just as hard everytime as when it is live. Volume is a must for full enjoyment.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend!

Justin gave me a perfect Mother's Day weekend! Well, he makes everyday feel like mother's day. He gave me a glider as a gift, and then he planned a last minute trip down to Zions Park. I love it when Justin is spontaneous! We hiked a bit while Mason slept, then once he woke up we headed back. He wasn't so much a fan of hiking in the backpack thingy. I thought I'd add some cute and recent Mason pics.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Videos of Bathtime and a Busride at Zions!

These are for the grandparents. . . sorry if they are boring to everyone else. It's kind of fun to see Mason in action. Even though his "action" only consists of kicking, bobbing his head around, and sticking his tongue out like a lizard. A cute lizard. It's also a coincidence that both of these were taken right after he had been screaming. . . watching these it's hard to imagine him as anything but angelic. Sorry that yall see me without makeup in the bathtime video. I wasn't planning on my appearance being documented in any way. We've got a few pics that we'll post later. They're on Justin's computer and I can't get too far away from the couch right now.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mason Pics by Photo-Jen-Ics

These were taken by one of my mission companions, Jen "Barney" Barnett. I'm only posting my favorites. I need to make a baby announcement, and I thought about using one of these, but I don't know which one. . . Suggestions? PS - We have a really really cute baby. We would have done more naked pics, but as yall can see from previous entries, we were a little nervous about "leaks" (or explosions). I want to know how other people get their kids to pass out so they hold still for these cute naked poses. Mason kicked like a frog and headbanged the entire time. he actually liked the flash; he was screaming otherwise.