Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014 Misc

We had no less than nine baby bunnies living under our porch. I say "had" because  some other, bunny-eating creature has also moved into the neighborhood and we no longer have bunnies in our yard. It's a little sad. This was taken from our dinner table.

Mason started swim lessons again. This time around he is so excited and does everything the instructor asks of him.

Pirate dress-up

Movie night at an elementary school nearby.

Matchy Matchy

Love this kid. He's doing the starfish.

Preschool alphabet scavenger hunt. They did great!

"Show me your muscles!"

Weston can join us in this game now.

He has officially outgrown this very convenient bassinet. (Okay, so he outgrew it a while ago, it's just so nice to have downstairs!)

Weston learned how to feed himself finally, and Mason wanted to pose with him to show it off.

Happy Mother's Day Dipped Strawberries!

Weston has learned to be weary.

Elbow timeout for when they fight with each other. They're not supposed to laugh. Heh heh.

The last day of Mason's soccer season. Someone brought cupcakes with black frosting...

Paint and sip with my friends Jennifer and Liberty. So fun.
Final product from the paint class. I can almost make my moon a circle.

They played "mechanic" and "astronaut" on this stroller for hours.

So cute.

Love them.

A rare coloring moment.

The three brothers. My mom requested a photo that day, this was where they happened to be sitting at that moment. I love my life.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Eight Month Weston

This was the official eight month day

Trying so hard to see what is in that box!

Sunflower Farm

Justin was off today, so we explored a new place called Sunflower Farm. We loved it! Several of my friends met us there as well, I just didn't get any pictures of them. There were lots of farm animals you could feed, but the boys were less interested in them and more interested in the tractors, sand pit, corn pit, and rides.

On our way to the farm, Mason said he hoped they would have a corn pit to jump in. He was not disappointed.
This peacock greeted us as we arrived.

Weston loves pulling my hair. It cracks him up.

I couldn't pick one.

The best Daddy in the world. We live in a beautiful place, don't we?

Happy/Please just pick me up.

Both boys went down the zip line.

They were so serious on this. I think they were getting tired.

Weston got into the food bag and found a fig bar all by himself. Love this kid.