Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Parade

Justin Marched in the Denver Memorial Day Parade this year, so we went to watch! Being from Atlanta, I thought that if we wanted a decent view of the parade, we would need to stake out a spot early. Nope. Denver folks apparently don't get into military events. Luckily, the Denver library was right next to where we were going to watch the parade, so we entertained ourselves in the children's department until about ten minutes before the parade began. And we still had almost an entire block to ourselves. It was awesome. People came later. Most of the people were in the area to protest GMOs at the capitol. There were two cute girls who sat next to us, but Mason told me later that they were driving him crazy. They were eating our food, using our toy camera, and smothering the boys. Lol.
Eating all the marshmallows from Lucky Charms.
I guess D is eating peas, too. See, I feed them healthy food sometimes.

One of "the girls."

If only that cop would get out of the way, maybe my camera would focus.

Nope, still blurry.
Here he is in action. It's not easy to take video and take pictures with a zoom lens and take care of two children. I'm sure yall are interested in what their shoes look like anyway. I hope you don't get motion sickness.

The kids loved it!

D loved the motorcycles.

And a family pic at the end. It was a really fun morning.

Baby Hochstein #3

Here are some sneak peeks of the little guy. And we know he is a guy. I guess we're lucky that none of our kids have been shy about letting us know they are boys.

Here's our first peek at 8 weeks.

The other 8 week image, the little halo over his head is a yolk sac that the baby uses before the placenta is formed. I'd never seen one before.

Here's 12 Weeks

And the rest are from the 20 week ultrasound.
I know these are pretty much the same, but I put it in anyway.

And here is how we know he's a him.
 We're so excited! Due Sept 23. Everything is measuring right on schedule, which is unusual for my babies. Maybe I'll have a normal sized baby this time! I still haven't taken a picture of my belly from the outside. Funny how different things are from the first pregnancy... Lol.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

First Family Hike in Colorado!

Nick gave us a book of trails in this area, and we checked the first one off this weekend. It was an easy one that was good for little kids. It got a little rocky here and there, but the boys did great. They walked halfway, then we carried them the rest. I think it was a little over a mile, and it took about an hour and half (so different with kids, lol!). Other than a little trip with scraped knees for Mason, it was a completely enjoyable experience. So so beautiful. We look forward to more exploring!

Eesh. Focus on the boys. I am 20 weeks pregnant, you just can't see my belly from this angle.

Mason wanted to be still as a statue, but not a smiling one.

So in most of the pictures where the boys are laughing, the boys pretended to shoot me in the mouth with water and I'm spitting it all over the place. It works every time.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

So we like the Wii

Just wanted to post some of these fun times with our electronic entertainment.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Misc April Fun

D likes to launch himself from furniture. It kind of makes me crazy.
Do you see the blur that is my baby who thinks he is ten years old?

Indoor playgroup. Multi-ball soccer. Kids loved it.

Some more acrobatics.

I tried doing yoga while the boys were awake.

One of our first (pretend) spring days, on the front porch, blowing bubbles.

D loves being in a cage.

Sometimes I'm not sure of the purpose of some playground toys.

I waited too long to put them down for naps.

Transferring the Alabama savings to their permanent (ish) home.

Ha. I love this face D makes.


D loves Rockabye Baby.

Jelly Face

Mason made his own glasses.

Pucker up!

This is a tribute to these pink buckets. We got them at a Real Salt Lake game on Mother's Day weekend when Mason was a year old. Glad we've hung on to them, the boys love them!

Our dear friend, Charlotte came in town, and we had fun hanging out again!

It's fun to make a paper bowl bounce. You should try it sometime.

And here's a pic of D's Excited Face. I love it.