Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Vitamin M & D

Just thought I post a few photos for those who are Mason and Donovan deficient. Here are some from a "photo shoot" where I tried to get one picture with both their heads next to each other, looking at the camera, and smiling. Was that asking too much?
The first few are my favorites. The rest are bloopers. I love these boys. And they are actually enjoying each other, as well. [Angelic hallelujas]
"Heads together"
"Smile at the camera"
Put your heads together!
Momma's toes! If you are wondering why neither of them are wearing pants, it's because I was trying to just get a head shot of the two, and with potty training and well-developed thighs, pants are presently optional in this house.
Here are some of just everyday events, like the first bathtime TOGETHER!

Indoor entertainment on cold days.Mason doesn't care how hot he gets, he wants Thomas' face right next to his. Luckily he hasn't done this for the last few days, maybe he's past this phase.
And can you ever get enough of the rolls? I think not.

DC Zoo

This was a PERFECT trip to the zoo. The weather was a little overcast, so people didn't come for fear of rain. The temperature was in the low 60's-- not too hot, not too cold. The animals were all out and about, not hiding in the shade or sleeping inside like they've been the last two times we've visited. Mason LOVED the animals and both boys were in great moods the whole time. No potty accidents, a quick little lunch in the middle. A nice old man who works in the reptile exhibit even gave us a personal tour and gave us more information than we could have ever dreamed of receiving. I couldn't have asked for a better experience at the zoo.
No worries about D missing his naptime!
A highlight of the day for Mason. We've become experts at these construction machines from a book we have at home. Mason will tell you this is an excavator with a bucket attachment. Ask him where the boom, stick, and cab are and he'll probably point to the correct parts. I'm not sure I would be able to, now that I think about it... He'll also point out to you it rides on tracks, not wheels.
Lunchtime! Give Donovan a water bottle and he's happy for minutes.
He even likes drinking from them.

I'm so glad I bought this stroller. It's perfect for Mason.
Mason's favorite waterfall.
"It's coming over to talk!"
Some of the animals, for memory's sake.