Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The New Old Hochstein Home! !

We moved! They are tearing down our old house, so they moved us to an even older house in the historic district of the base. It's cool on the inside, but the outside looks like it belongs in the projects of the ATL. There is a rumor that our house used to be a horse stable. We moved just before Memorial Day weekend, and then Justin's parents and sister, Sarah, came into town! They helped us sooooooooo much with unpacking, hanging shelves, and holding Mason (who is two months old. . . holy moly)! They went hiking a few times and enjoyed the amazing weather we're finally having.

We are almost all the way moved in! I'll post photos of the house in another blog.
Update on Mason: he is still too skinny, even though he weighs 11 lbs, he is 24.5 inches long and therefore his BMI is not even on the chart. sigh. So we are feeding him even more frequently and I feel like a large, spotted milk dispenser. But he is finally SMILING! Yay! We don't have a pic of it yet, but it is soon to come.
Here is a photo essay of our week's adventures: