Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On the Move: Road Trip Life

Here are some pics from the road trip across the country. I drove the boys, while Justin drove the moving truck, pulling the Honda on a trailer. We all stopped at a hotel halfway to South Dakota, then we made the second leg of the trip in one day.
Donovan found some cookies. Who can say no to a face like that?

It was his 18 month birthday, so why not celebrate with a cookie the size of his head. First he picked at all the chocolate candies in it, then he nibbled on that cookie for a good three hours, and then fell asleep with it, half-eaten, in his car seat.

This is the best McDonald's playground I've ever found. We've visited a lot, too. It's fun to find ones with unique themes. This had a piano slide that played the keys as you slid. The drums really drummed. And that's a red guitar on the ground, you can also play music on that.

And of course, they had to play chopstix. We're working on Heart and Soul.

Monday, February 4, 2013

On the Move: Stop in South Dakota

I packed up all our mini life in Alabama, and Justin came home two days before we moved and piled it all in the Penske truck we rented. I will miss being so close to family. And I will miss my friends in the south. I am excited to live in the same house as Justin again, so if that means leaving my friends and family behind to do so, then so be it. Here comes the next adventure!
On our way west, we stayed with Justin's family in South Dakota for about ten days. It was nice to be with his family. It was really, really cold. I've been to South Dakota at this time of year before, the first time I met Justin's family. It was cold then, too. Stacy was with me, and we almost died in a whiteout storm on I-80. I thought I'd promised myself to never drive through that part of the country in the winter again. Oh well. We did it. The windchill this time was negative twenty-seven degrees. I looked outside and it looked like glitter falling from the sky. Justin warned me that if the snow looks like that, you stay indoors. (And that was coming from an Eskimo!) I knew it had to be cold.
The last couple days warmed up for us, though. It was nice to see everyone again.
Daddy came home for good!

Our mini-life, all packed away and shoved in a corner.
In South Dakota, enjoying Daddy.
TV time

The Pantry Pencil Sharpener

Due to arctic temperatures, we sought indoor entertainment. Mason wanted to set up the pins HIS way.
It's warm enough to go outside!!!!!

Once we got out, Justin made sure to do one of his favorite pastimes-- yelling "I love you!" up the Yankton water tower.

Donovan only wanted to play on the oldschool playground equipment.

I felt really sick once we got to SD. So I took a test. I am pregnant! And I really was sick, too. Unfortunately, the rest of the house got sick as well. I'm just grateful it was a bug and not morning sickness!

And here is a music video for your enjoyment.