Monday, January 31, 2011

A few moments of Mason

This entry is for those who just want a little taste of Masonry.

We had some snow. A friend of mine called and said she was sledding with her 6-month old and invited us to join! Mason wasn't too happy when I was holding still, but he loved the sled! We didn't have any hills where we were, so I just ran and ran and ran. It was a fun morning!
And here is a snippet from dinner. He was being really adorable and I wanted to share. Once the camera came out we had to pry the cuteness out of him a bit, but Justin and I could watch this video a dozen times.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Announcing. . . .

The next Baby Hochstein! !!
Due July 30.

I think he looks like his dad.
JK. I'm not sure why they printed out the measuring line, but that's what I have, so that's what I'll show.
I have to admit, it's been a pretty easy pregnancy thus far. Only a bit of exhaustion in the evenings. Mason has no idea. I'm debating buying him a baby doll to practice being gentle. Maybe I'll get one that cries so he can practice not crying with the baby...

POST SCRIPT: I just checked Mason's first ultra sounds from the same time (11 weeks), and the quality of Mason's civilian doctor's equipment and my current military/universal healthcare equipment is not quite equal.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

White Christmas in Georgia

I should have posted this in December, but I sure didn't think about it till yesterday. We spent Christmas in Georgia and they had a white Christmas! That never happens! Had I not just been in a blizzard in South Dakota and had snow all over in DC, I may have been really excited, but instead I just began to wonder if I had a little snow cloud following me around. We just realized we took very few pics while we were down there, but my dad took a bunch, so maybe I'll get some from him and do another post.
Santa was super nice to us this year! My dad gave me the coolest present! He made copies of all the home videos from just about my whole life! He always has his camera out, so there was a lot of footage. It was fun (and sometimes painful) to remember the good ol' times. Justin got to see me in all my glory back in those awkward years, meet some old boyfriends, etc.

My Uncle Jim works as Santa Clause sometimes and grows out his beard and has a killer suit! He makes a great Santa, in my opinion. We were lucky that he brought his Santa suit out to Georgia so Mason could sit on his lap! Mason didn't even cry this year!
Mason got his first haircut while he was down there. It was much-needed. I waited so long because I couldn't imagine cutting off his perfect curls!! It is still cute after Grandma cut it, even with his thrashing through the whole process. How does Grandma do it?! No tears from Momma. His curls are still there. Whew!
Mason is talking like crazy! He calls Grandpa "Pampa" and started calling Grandma "Ninny," but she wasn't a fan of that one. I thought it was hilarious! So Grandma worked really hard at getting him to say something else, and he now says something like "Mamaw." I liked Ninny.

We also had a nice game of tennis. Fun times! ! ! Mason even enjoyed the evening on the courts. I'll bet Federer didn't look this good at 21 months.

Thanks for the good times, Georgia folk! Can't wait to see yall again!
We drove back to DC on New Years Eve, so we weren't exactly in the mood to party all night. We woke up to fireworks, wished each other Happy New Year, and then passed out again. The year 2010 was fast-- full of challenges, transition, and happy adventure. We're excited to see what 2011 holds.