Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Animal Earthquake to Celebrate One Month of Donovan

This month has flown by, but I feel like Donovan is a lot older than a month! It seems he's been in our family forever! Mason is adjusting pretty well. He lapses into his old self about every other day, but it's much more manageable than before. It's great having Aunt Sarah here to play with him!
We went to the zoo the other day and there was a magnitude 5.8 earthquake while we were there! We just didn't feel it. World News said the animals at National Zoo were giving warning signs that something was about to happen, but we didn't notice. I felt an aftershock in the middle of last night, though. Glad I could be a part of a big earthquake that left no damage. That's the way to do it. Mason's favorite part of the zoo was not the tiger or the orangutans, it was the waterfall. He didn't want to leave it. He also wasn't so keen on smiling for the camera. A few ladies stopped to tell me that Donovan was the best exhibit at the zoo. I agree.
Justin is in Hawaii right now for work (and play, of course), so these posts will really be for him to see his kiddos. We miss him. . . I know there's a bunch of photos of the same pose, but I like the faces Donovan's making. He has my baby chins. I even added a video at the end for those who really want a big dose of Donovan.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Story of Donovan

Here is the story of Donovan-
We were scheduled to be induced on Monday, July 25th, and Donovan kindly waited until then to arrive. He would have arrived that day regardless of the induction - I was already dilated to 4cm when we were admitted to the hospital. I was being filled with fluid via IV starting just before 9am. Started pitocin sometime around 10ish. Felt about 2 dozen contractions (WAY too many) because they started coming pretty quickly and it took a while to get the epidural. Not fun trying to hold still while a large needle is entering your spine while having moderate-strong contractions, but I somehow managed it. I learned I could live through a natural birth if necessary. When my progress was being checked at 5cm, the doctor accidentally broke my water (Burst would be a better description. Poor doctor got flooded.), and that was all Donovan needed. Within the hour, I was ready to push. Three pushes later, Donovan was lying in my arms, slimy and blue and crying his angel cry. Justin was a great support, he has to see the worst of everything. He knows more about what goes on during delivery than I do, since I don't feel much, and I can't see over my belly to where all the action is going on.
A much different experience than Mason's delivery, much much faster. I didn't have as high a dose of the epidural, so I could feel what was going on without the sharp pain, and I think that helped me deliver.
About his name - The reason no one had heard me mention Donovan as a possible name choice is because I'd only thought of it the day before. It's inspired by Alexander Doniphan, one of my favorite men of history. When I mentioned the name to Justin the morning of the delivery, he said he loved the name, and since it was the first name I really felt excited about, it became the name of choice. It's taken a few days to get used to it. We keep trying to call him other names like Dominick, Malcom, Dimitri, Gonagan (Sesame Street), TBD... just kidding. We've got it down pretty well now. Judge us if you like. Justin got it right in the baby blessing on Sunday (which was beautiful), so we're good. We just used the blessing outfit Granny made for Mason. We didn't bless him in the bonnet, I just thought it would be fun to take some pictures of him wearing it.
It was great having my family in town, they are missed. I can't wait to see yall again.
Mason is ever so slowly adjusting. He screams himself hoarse on a daily basis now, and we have a child psychology nurse coming over tomorrow to see what we can do to help him adjust without scarring him for life. He's been struggling with sleeping and eating, so I wanted to take action before he gets sick or something. He is making progress, though --yesterday Justin was taking Mason on a walk, and before they left, Mason came over on his own accord and kissed Donovan on the top of the head, and then said he wanted to kiss the "other side" and leaned over and kissed his cheek. All by himself. Baby steps.
Donovan is as perfect a baby as we could ever ask for. He eats well, sleeps well, and is calm in moments of chaos. God knew what a challenge we would have and gave us the perfect baby to go with the challenge. We are grateful for the miracle of this child in our lives.