Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014 This and That

Soccer Season has Begun! Mason actually spends a lot of the game running in circles, sometimes chasing the mass of kids surrounding the ball, but sometimes just pretending he's an airplane in the middle of the field, flying in circles. He's scored one goal already, we just need to work on which goal to shoot for...
Cheering section

They love helping their Daddy.

Justin and I have had to practice checkers on the side, just so we don't get beaten by our five-year-old EVERY time we play. I took this photo right after Mason triple-jumped Justin.

Spring has sprung! For a few days, anyway. I love the blossoms on this tree just outside my back window.


Playing guns.

Sight Words Parking Lot. I made one for Donovan too to practice his letters. They liked it for about five minutes. Donovan didn't like to keep his cars parked in the same place, he used the letters as launch pads. To each their own.

Justin is good at pulling out the camera and capturing normal life. I guess it's good so that the boys can remember how their mother really dressed most days.

Here is a recent favorite show, Bob the Builder. I've been trying to capture the boys when watching the theme song, they are hilarious. But, of course, when I sneak a camera out they don't react the same way. These have a little of the enthusiasm. Donovan will burst into song at the top of his lungs every once-in-a-while.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Seven Month Weston

 Seven Months Old! We love this happy little chunk of giggles.

This is my favorite age for a baby. He is exploding with personality, he's discovering all his fingers and toes, he knows who we are, he is entertained and distracted by toys and such, but he's not yet mobile so he doesn't get into much trouble. And he can't yell at or talk back to me yet. 

This was a request from his older brothers.

Watching his brothers play outside.

He's thinking about crawling. He wants to.

But he hasn't figured it out just yet.

This is how we usually come home from the park.

Drool Happens.

And here are some giggles if you want some more Weston time:

(Note the snow outside in the first bit. It's the middle of April. We're ready, though, we don't expect spring to really show up until June.)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We went on a few Easter Egg hunts this year. According to Mason, the egg hunts which were not on Easter were "fake."

Rock Creek Egg Hunt

This was our community egg hunt. Last year there were tons of people, and the parents seemed a bit more anxious than the children. It was much nicer this year. Maybe because we went with the older kids, even though D was a bit young for it. It didn't matter much to him. He found one egg, sat down in the grass, and opened it immediately. By the time he finished doing that all the eggs were gone.

Can you see all the eggs? It took about forty seconds for that grass to be cleared.

Waiting. Poor Weston was missing his nap, but there was no way he was going to fall asleep with all the excitement.

Just Go To Sleep!

After the mad dash.

The Spoils of His Hunt

Egg Hunt With Friends

Our friends, The Collins, invited us over for a hunt on their land. Their house is nestled against the mountains and I love being there. Their youngest son is Mason's age. One of the daughters, Lucy, took Donovan around, so he collected more than one egg this time.

Love these kids! The redhead is only 11 and she is as tall as me.

I love how beautiful this area is!

Chester & Mason


A notable memory from this hunt was when we were trying to leave, my van battery was dead because I'd left the electricity on (when am I going to learn my lesson?), then a hornet flew into the van while little Audrey (another Collins daughter) climbed over all the carseats in the van to get our jumper cables since we can't open the back door when the battery is dead (manufacturer's oversight), and then I spun out on the rocks trying to get out the driveway. But whatever. Grand exit, never to be forgotten.

Easter Sunday

Easter fell on 4/20 this year, which was significant for many residents of this state. But it was just a pleasant Easter Sunday for us. We are lucky to not have any neighbors who fill our neighborhood with unwelcome aromas.

I stuffed some of the eggs with rice crispy treats. They felt empty, but the weren't!

Justin had to work the afternoon/evening of Easter. We finally dyed our eggs that day. We used KoolAide this time, and it smelled really good! They did a decent job coloring the eggs as well. Nothing fancy.

Mason helped me make my bunny buns this year. He liked punching the dough. I didn't get a picture of the final product. But they were good.

At church Mason and I performed some songs celebrating the resurrection. Not together, he sang with the primary (it was so cute), and I sang with the old folks and a little by myself. I love sharing my testimony through music. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

April Preschool

I was in charge of the letters W and X for preschool.
My April Fools Joke - I filled orange peels with jello. Note the water-filled tupperware- we were scientists doing "w"ater experiments.

The next time we learned about worms. Real ones. They were a little timid to touch them. I was trying to be brave, and they made the comment, "Well, girls like worms but boys don't." Lol. They warmed up to them eventually. Then we threw them in our garden.

Eggshell painting. We saved eggshells for a few weeks, I washed them out, filled them with paint, covered the holes with tissue paper, and let them paint a canvas with them. It was super fun. I'm grateful Justin was willing to change the way he cracked his eggs in the morning for a few weeks.