Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hochstein Update

I just realized I haven't talked much about what Justin and I have been up to lately. Justin is working 70+ hour weeks as the OFFICER OF THE YEAR in the USAF Honor Guard. His days vary in activity. One day he could be in the pentagon, the next in Arlington Cemetery doing either funerals or wreath-laying ceremonies, and the next day could be in his office. He's been doing all sorts of retirement and promotion ceremonies for the big-shot military folks in this area. He's briefed Generals like General Schwartz (the Chief of Staff/#1 guy in the AF) a couple times. He comes home with coins from most of these guys and gals. Coins are cool in the military, I guess. Personal souvenirs or something. He also gets to babysit adult men who don't know how to control themselves and get into trouble. It will all soon be changing as his assignment is changing to the Drill Team. More on that later. He begins when we get back from the south.
Justin is also the 2nd Councilor in the Bishopric at church, which doesn't take up as much time as we'd thought; it's a cool opportunity for him. When he's home, he's the DADDY OF THE YEAR, and the center of attention for our little Mason. Mason can't get enough of his daddy. I'm pretty sure Daddy feels the same way about Mason.

I have been working as the key spouse for the Honor Guard here, and it's been fun. Busy, but fun. I help the spouses of the Honor Guard members get to know each other, get involved in service and activities, and I'm a point of contact when they run into problems. There's about 120 spouses. In my first week, three girls had babies=15 dinners to arrange. Most of the spouses are in their 20s-30s, so there are many babies on their way.
Speaking of babies on the way, I am 17 weeks pregnant, and I honestly forget at least once a day that I'm pregnant at all. I feel great! I have a bump making my shirts a little snug around the belly, but I'm not into maternity clothes yet. I just heard the heartbeat again yesterday, and everything seems to be going fine!

We had a cold go around our family last week, and little Mason suffered the most. Poor boy was so tired, he would fall asleep anywhere. Justin got one picture of him sleeping in my lap- this never happens. I can count on my hand the number of times he's slept outside of his crib or carseat in the last year of his life. Three of them were last week. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed snuggling my sleeping baby again. Mommy doesn't look so hot in this pic... we had a few long nights prior to this photo. We're all as healthy and happy as ever now!Here's a few pics at the playground. Note the big boy swing. Oh my.
Yay for warm weather!

We're so excited to see the folks in GA next week!! Woohoo!