Friday, June 14, 2013

WOW Children's Museum

Here's a visit to a local Children's Museum. We loved it!

D would chase this train around and around and around...

I think this hat made him the most excited of the entire museum.

Mason sat in here forever. It took a while to get him out.

And then we found the car.

This is supposed to make a bubble around your body. It only got to his ankles before it popped. It needed more bubble juice, I think.

We need a piano. They loved this one.

You can pull yourself up using pulleys. Mason loved it.

Donovan was ready to get down.

Miscellaneous June (and probably some May) Fun

This is a long photo and video post. Have fun.

I can't get enough of these smiles.

25 week bump.



Had to add this smile. Love him.

Trying to be a member of the clean plate club. Did I already add this pic?


Dad trying to take a nap

These are signs of fun times.

Our first strawberry harvest.

Yes, he does this sometimes. I'm not encouraging it. Not ready for that for the next 12 months or so.

"Captain of Remerica" at a super hero birthday party.

One of our hiking adventures.

Yard work! Hochstein funtime!

Only one is SUPPOSED to be in time out. They keep each other company, it's pretty adorable.

Mason beat his dad at bowling.

Hard core rock climbing

Sword fighting with branches. No one's eyes were poked out.

We found neighbors with kids the same age as ours!
We went to a circus. They loved it. Especially the motorcycles that jumped and the man who shot out of a cannon. D had his first cotton candy (after much convincing that it was indeed edible).

Temple trip.

This was how they listened to the tour. Lol. Fine by me.



Spin! (sorry for the camerawork, lol)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Touch A Truck 2013

We went to Touch A Truck this year. The city brings in a few dozen trucks and machines, and then lets kids climb all over and inside them. Brilliant. Simple. Dream come true for our little guys. So glad we went.
This was fun until he got paint on his hand, and he freaked out, flinging it all over the place. I'm unsuccessfully trying to teach them it's okay to get dirty sometimes.

City Bus

A Dentist booth let them brush a dragon's teeth. D loved it.

D kept chasing his "tail" so I had to get a video. He did it for quite a long time at the show. So funny.