Sunday, September 30, 2012

Playing House

I guess this will be the closest to playing house that I'll get with boys. This is a good giggle fest, for those who need a hit of baby laughter. The screams get a little shrill, though, so don't turn the volume up too high.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Donovan Uses a Spoon

We had spaghetti tonight, which is always messy, so I figured I may as well experiment with D's eating abilities. I gave him full reign over his applesauce. I think he did pretty well. He starts snorting it around 1:20, that was mostly humorous, part worrisome. He's favoring the right hand, but still dabbling with the left. I'd say 50% of the applesauce was actually ingested. 45% through his mouth. Pretty good for a first-timer.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Animal Noises

I took this today. I know it's sideways. I wish he'd done the monkey sound. It's hilarious.
And I think I'm caught up on the blog.


These are just pictures of our life. I try to send Justin at least a picture a day. Here are some of my favorites. They are not in chronological order. And there's a lot. Justin's been gone a lot of days. Again, some of you have seen a lot of these, I know. Good thing these boys are so dang cute.
Justin sent me flowers. Again. Sigh.

Tickle Wars

And this is a fork.

Haircut. Don't look too closely. I did it.

He loves this hat.

New PJs

More Lawn Mower Time

He's getting close to keeping them on!

New Crib! (I broke the last one) Did I already post this picture? Whatever.

Miracles Happen

Donovan Loves His Grandma

This was the last time I let Mason share a bed with me.


Raspberry Fingers. He knows no other way to eat them.

Fish Face


Where's Daddy?

Loves This Feather Duster


I love this table. So do they.

Love these boys!

Summer Adventures/Distractions, Part II

Here are some pictures of the second half of our summer. We've done a lot of craft times at Lowes and Home Depot. Mason loves it. We try to go to the library for reading time when I remember.
Most of these are pictures I've posted on Instagram, so if you've already seen them, sorry for the repeat...

We get free goggles and aprons at Lowes.

Mason was my date to see Unknown Lyric play.

Notice he picked Nebraska colors over BYU...

This was an Art Stroll with a Bluegrass band playing on the street.

A rather pathetic petting zoo at the state fair. Mason liked the tortoise and the hare.

Clown at the state fair. Mason is in the black shirt in the back.

Big kid swing

We found Mater

Coffee Table 500

Love this wagon!

This is at the mall.

Donovan discovered independence



State Fair. This ride cost $3. Times have changed.

We spend a lot of time driving the lawn mower.

I went with some friends down the Nantahala River. We sported retro gear. I need to get the other pictures from my friend.

Mason learned how fun and slimy shucking corn can be!

Another craft from Lowes

I've never been so grateful to see a summer come to an end. Happy Fall, everybody!