Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Halloween. Halloween.

First off, Happy Halloween Birthday to our new nephew/cousin Troy! ! ! ! So happy for Lisa and Pete!!
We spent today in the ER for an allergic reaction of Mason's on his face that made his eyes super swollen. But we made it back to go trick or treating around the block, so no worries. We dressed like dragons and vikings, but I didn't get any photos of the vikings. The boys didn't like their headpieces, either. Someone took a photo of our family all dressed up together, so I'll need to get a copy of that sometime later. .
Here are some pics of our Halloween adventures this year:

At the church party, Mason attacked the doughnut eating contest that I was in charge of before he even got his costume on. He struggled with the no hand rule. Pumpkin Bowling
It was snowing during our church party, and I wish I'd gotten a picture of Mason running around in circles outside, squealing with delight. He must have picked up Justin's Eskimo gene. When we got home he pulled out his toy shovel and started clearing the driveway of the snow that had already melted.
Our pumpkin carving!! ! !

The dragon needed to fly for a minute during Trick or Treating.
"Smile Mason"
A nice view of the candy-mouthed allergic reaction face:
And tonight while I was putting this together I caught some cute moments, so I'll add them, too.

PS- this outfit Donovan is wearing is 12-18 months. He hit 3 months this past Tuesday. Which was the day our NIECE, Eleanor was born - Congrats to Stacy and Spencer ! ! ! !