Monday, January 21, 2013

Last Days in Alabama

What are my boys going to do without their Grandma to take them on a Bear Hunt?!

Marshmallow igloo. I told Mason to make a funny face for the pic.

Race car games on the Wii.

Donovan finally wears shades! It's hard to keep them up on his little button nose, but it's so cute.


Corn Husker


Bubble Gun. It was cold and rainy.

Mason wrote his name for the first time! He hasn't really shown interest in writing letters until now.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow in Alabama

It snowed in Alabama. The boys LOVED it! I hope they love it when we have it all the time, all over the place.

"Mom, we're standing in real snow! Can I make a snow angel? I want to throw a snowball!"

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quick Trip to Georgia

We made a quick trip to GA to go to my very good friend, Megan Bartlett's, baby shower. I'm going to miss them so much when we move!!!!

Hangin with the peeps
Mason had a ball on the trampoline with Jessie's daughter, Lexi.

What would I do on my road trips without Cracker Barrel?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wii Dancin

Here are two videos of dancing entertainment. The first is shorter than the second. The second is for those who really really need a lot of Mason in their lives. Maybe if Mason learns from his Aunt Lisa he'll have a chance at shakin it to the rythm. He's not going to get it from his parents.

 And this one goes on for a while. I wish you could hear the music a little better. I just can't get enough of his little wiggle.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Rocky Start of 2013

Justin said goodbye to us a few days after Christmas for a month-long journey to DC and Colorado. I spent New Years with some friends at a party (missing my husband the whole time). The New Year brought us lots of hospital visits. Grandpa Cheesman was in the hospital with blood clot issues and kidney failure, but thankfully he's okay. 
Grandpa can still read stories in the hospital.
And then Donovan got RSV and he and I spent the night in the hospital. Since RSV can be fatal for infants (Donovan was old enough for it not to be too worrisome), we were kind of treated like a biohazard. The doctors and nurses didn't want to spread it to the other kids in the hospital. Poor Donovan thought it was the end of the world. First they made him wear a bracelet. Not happy. Then they made him do a breathing treatment. Twice. He fought the entire fifteen minutes of the first one. He kept looking at me, wondering why I was letting them torture him so. The second treatment was an hour and a half long. He gave up and fell asleep during that one. Poor guy. Then they vacuumed out his sinuses. That one killed me. His oxygen levels were still down after all that, so he was admitted. I wonder, however, if that really needed to happen. They put an oxygen monitor on his toe, which he immediately began yanking at with all his strength. I checked it and it had been pulled apart and the wires were exposed. His readings kept jumping all over the place. They didn't take me seriously when I requested a new one. The next morning I insisted he get a new one, they put it on, and from that time forth his oxygen levels were just fine. We went home. He doesn't trust doctors much now. I'm grateful that I had my parents to help with Mason while Justin was out of town.
He fought the bracelet for about half an hour. I wanted to capture the moment.

Second breathing treatment, too tired to fight it anymore.

The breathing treatment made him hyper, and he was a ball of energy when my mom came to visit.

Literally jumping up and down in his crib. This is about an hour after that second breathing treatment.
Trying to find entertainment.

I love those legs.