Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First weeks in DC

Now we are moved in and trying to make this place feel like home. Mason seems to have made the adjustment well, thankfully. He could have been distracted by the nine teeth he cut in the last four weeks. Orajel has been our friend.
Here are a few memories in pictures. Mason went to the pool for the first time in his short memory. He was so excited when he first saw it, but the thrill was gone once he got wet. He eventually warmed up to the idea of pool time by the end of that half-hour adventure. We need to go more often so mom and dad can fix their tanlines! eek!
He also has found a new toy- the swiffer. Mom is happy.
We checked out the zoo, but most of the animals were sleeping by the time we got there.
Mason also tried watermelon for the first time that he can remember and loves it!
I still haven't cut his hair. I just can't bring myself to do it! ! !

Homeless in DC

We made it to DC just in time to celebrate Memorial Day! But, we didn't have a home for 10 days. A Marriott next to the baseball stadium served as our home for that time, and we had fun! It was only about a mile away from the National Mall, so we took a few trips down there to check out our new city. We found some yummy restaurants on 8th Street that we plan on visiting often.
We were sad to see Sarah go. She taught Mason how to dance. I still haven't been able to capture his moonwalk on video.

Here's a little laughing video of us breaking in the new house.

Pit Stop in Chicago

Sarah was so awesome and helped us drive across this very big country. We tried to have some fun times along the way. One of the stops was in Chicago, where we did some sight seeing. We stayed in a nice hotel right in the thick of downtown, so we could walk everywhere. Mason didn't even seem a little nervous about being 103 stories in the air and standing in a glass box. I don't remember what the big chrome jelly bean was for. It was fun for pictures, though.

Pit Stop in SoDak

We took a very long break from driving in Yankton with the Hochsteins. It was perfect. We even had a surprise visit from Uncle Nick! The whole family was together! Mason loves the "toys" that he found at Opa and Bubi's house.
We also discovered he has quite the passion for basketball. We passed some boys playing in their driveway and he threw a fit until we walked over there for him to watch and try to dribble the ball.
We even got to celebrate our two year anniversary, thanks to Sarah! It's the first time we've celebrated since we've gotten married due to moving. Both times our moving date was our anniversary. It's been my favorite two years.

Catch Up... Utah before the move

I know it's been forever. We've had some adventures with this move, including having no internet for over a month. I must say there were pros as well as cons in the absence of connectivity.
Here are some cute pics we took in our last days of Utah.