Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010!

We had Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat in our house for Halloween. I just threw on an old pirate costume, so I wasn't part of the group this year. Mason had fun at our Halloween activity- he couldn't care less about the candy. He just wanted to play in the leaves! Justin led the parade -- he was the easiest one to see in the whole group. Mason loved being a monkey, he kept laughing at himself in the mirror. I carved a pumpkin, but it failed. I don't even have a picture of it because we couldn't find our tea lights. I'm not sad. I tried to do Gizmo, but I lacked the patience and tools to make him recognizable in my already rotting pumpkin I bought at the commissary. Justin has been working too late to do a pumpkin this year, but next year we will be ready because Mason may actually realize what's going on! Happy Halloween!

Justin's Job

Here are some pics from recent assignments at Arlington Cemetery for Justin. He commanded in a joint wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where the Minister of Defense for Columbia laid the wreath. Mason came with me and texted blank messages to my friends while keeping fairly quiet. When the gun salute began, he yelled "boom!," and everybody laughed. So much for being solemn and respectful. Justin is the commander on the far right. (The best looking one)

The rest of the pictures are of a full-honors funeral ceremony. Mason and I were pretty far away, trying to take pictures with our little zoom. The tree was breathtaking. Justin was even more impressive.

Boy Noise

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wicked New York!

Justin gave me the most amazing birthday present ~ Tickets to Wicked on Broadway! ! ! ! He also bought me a divine Cheescake Factory cheesecake, which our entire family enjoyed.
I've been trying to see Wicked for years and years, and my past attempts always fell through. Then my knight in shining armor came into my life and made it happen. It was a perfect trip with a perfect man.
Some friends from church came over and stayed with Mason all day, THANK YOU!!! He was great without us, as long as he has his food, toys, and someone to laugh with, he's good!
We took a shuttle flight to LGA and had a few hours to see some sights. We grabbed some pizza at a place called Bravo Pizza near the public library (which was under construction, so we didn't get a good look at that way cool building), and the pizza was amazing! How do they make the crust so delectable?! Justin was still hungry, so he picked up a hot dog (ick) from a street vendor, and we hung out at the Rockefeller Center until we needed to go to Gershwin Theatre. I love the city! The people were actually really really nice! I'd always heard otherwise, but we had a great experience with everyone we talked with. The weather was ideal. All our transportation ran on time without a glitch. We even hopped on an earlier flight to give us a little more sightseeing time.
We watched the matinee of Wicked, which was everything and more than I'd hoped. Justin even loved it. We both had tears in our eyes at intermission.
After the show we headed over to JFK airport and came home! A long but thoroughly satisfying adventure! Happy Birthday to me! We are so excited to go back for a longer stay. Anyone want to join us?

Hunting and Love

Here's some other photos of recent activity~

Mason started prowling around the house after Justin this week, and he makes the funniest face when he does it. He also says "I love you" in sign language. It just looks more like the "west side" sign, but we know what he means.