Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Vacation 2014: Space and Rocket Center with the Bartletts

My sister (from another mister, lol), Megan Bartlet came to visit me with her adorable family! Her husband just graduated with a Masters in aerospace engineering (right?) from GA Tech, and we all took a trip together to the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center. My boys love that place. I'm sure we will go every time we visit Huntsville.

They actually went on the ride this time! Twice! (Video below)

Oh cute little Becca. She was a bit nervous.

And the boys liked it. Becca did not.

I miss this girl. Wish we lived closer.

All our kiddos: Mason, Weston, Becca, Ramsey, and Donovan

And a video. I love what they say at the end:

Summer Vacation 2014: Alabama Adventures with Friends

Some people in Alabama are not blood relatives, but are still dearly loved by our little family. We got together as often as possible while we visited. Here are a few of those times:
Botanical Gardens. It was an Alice in Wonderland theme this summer. We are with Charlotte and Liam (My friend, Katrina's kids)

I'm okay if Mason marries her one day, just for the record.

Pool Fort

Scavenger Hunt on a mountain trail

Mason was so brave and climbed this ladder to look in the very dark room above.

I mean, do they get any cuter?

Feeding turtles and fishies. I have a video below.

There's Stacy! And adorable E.

Weston and Liam. They could be brothers. I wish we lived closer.

And the video for the diehard fans:

Summer Vacation 2014: Donovan's Actual Third Birthday

Even though we had already celebrated Donovan turning three years old, we had to have another party on his official birthday, which was while we were in Alabama.
Birthday pancake on the traditional special red plate! Not happy. Wanted the Lion King plate.

It's his birthday. We do what he wants. Mostly.

We met some friends at the local library and it was Stars Wars day! Oh yes. Thank you for making my son feel like I planned a really cool birthday party just for him.

Love him, I do.

These are our dear friends, Charlotte and Liam.

Checking out the gun.

Coolest library day ever.

Another closet sleeping picture thrown in. Not sure if it belongs here, but I'll keep it for cuteness' sake. Pretty sure this was naptime after the library (note the green lightsaber peeking in the photo on the right).

The awesomely ghetto lego cake I made. Because everything is awesome. Considering that it was difficult to find time in this chaotic home to even visit the ladies room in times of need, I was pretty proud of myself for whipping this together in the limited time available.

You know this kid got cake.

Stacy and Eleanor got him a balloon. One of the favorite presents of the night. He still talks about it.

Singing Happy Birthday

(Note my mom is holding two grandbabies at the same time. That is their new "normal.")

And a finger in the frosting.


Love the apprehension expressed by all parties

I think he likes it, Grandma!
Look at that smile. Good party.
And of course I have a video:

Summer Vacation 2014: Fishing In Alabama

My Dad worked with someone who lives on a lake, and they invited us to come fishing! The boys caught a couple fish right away, then the fish got wise and realized the noise on the shore (of course we weren't quiet) meant people were trying to snag the fishies faces with hooks, pull them out of the water, take their picture, then throw them back. So the boys LOVED fishing at the beginning, and then they wondered why they didn't catch anything else but seaweed the rest of the time.

 And I even got tough and baited their hooks with live crickets and worms a few times.

Weston didn't think it was the coolest event.

Southern living at its finest.

Summer Vacation 2014: My Alabama Family

I think it's so funny that Alabama is now the hub of my family. I never would have pictured myself loving Alabama. But I do.
Anyway, these pictures and these blog posts  covering our visit this summer will not be in chronological order, just in case I care about that for some reason in the future.

It was great to visit my family, and it was one of the craziest vacations I've ever experienced. But it honestly was so fun, and I still long to go back and live in the craziness again. I was blessed to meet my new niece and nephews, Audrey, Nash, and Desmond (Stacy's triplets). Eleanor is so grown up and exploding with personality, and I loved getting to know her brilliant, mischievous, loving self. I added to the chaos of my parents' home by bringing my three active boys. Of course, Weston got sick as soon as we got there (roseola), that's what my kids do. 
For the most part, the kids got a long. Donovan and Eleanor made it a point to drive each other mad several times each day. They fought like siblings. But then they would search each other out to play and have fun. Donovan would tell me, "I wuv Eleanor. She my fwiend."

It was easiest to just throw them all in the tub together. They always got along in the tub.

Thankfully my mom has a nice, roomy tub in her bathroom!

The kids were elated to be with Grandma and Grandpa again! This is story time the night we arrived.

Weston loved Jack. He took a while to warm up to the noise and chaos, but adjusted by the time we left.

Mason meeting Nash

Donovan meeting Audrey

Grandma bought some bubbles!

Iron man working on his cars.

This is sick Weston. Those cheeks. . . . He was back to his normal self in about three days.

Here was a moment of friendship between the two.

Dad being the best Grandpa ever!

Grandma working magic with a sick baby.

Babies =  People Food for Jack = Happy Jack

Mason and Donovan shared a walk-in closet floor as their bed. They had plenty of room to sleep, but sometimes they would snuggle.

This was near the end of the trip when we picked Justin up from the airport.

Someone was really happy to see Daddy

Desmond and I taking selfies

Love this girl.

Here are all three. Stacy is a superwoman. I just realized I don't have a picture of just me and her.

Four Generations

Here is a glimpse of survival. Desmond likes when you bounce on an exercise ball. Right before this picture was taken, Weston (seen bear crawling in the back) had been standing, grabbing my skirt, wanting me to hold him, too.

I can't wait to go back. For realz.