Sunday, August 31, 2014

Eleven Month Weston

This little boy learned how to walk this month (video below). He also grew one tooth. Finally. Just in time to turn one year old. This little boy has been so much fun. He's a good sport around his brothers. He entertains himself when needed. He's sleeping pretty well through the night (after a brief "training" period after our vacation). And he will talk your ear off as if we could understand every word coming out of his mouth. I love being his momma!
He loves sneaking off to the bathroom to unroll the tp and splash in the potty.

He thinks it's the best to look upside down between his legs. I'm not a fan of him doing it at the edge of the porch.

Playing at the museum

He loves spaghetti

And I Love his spaghetti face!

All my attempts to take an 11 month picture. It was not an easy task.

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Love this child.

He also loves to climb the stairs, then holler from the top to let the whole house know he did it!
A video of some of his chatty moments.

This is several attempts to walk. Warning: the first video is Mason's first attempt to videotape anything with my phone. It may make you motion sick.

August 2014 Misc

Singing happy birthday to cousin Kingston

Nightly Teeth Brushing Moment

Mason checking out his school playground

The spring in our garage broke. Man, I take garage openers for granted. We missed it dearly until it was all fixed.

Discovered a New playground

His Awesome Goggles.

Boredom Buster Success

First time I've ever seen this on a blueberry. Eggs. Yucky yuck yuck.

They literally collapse from happiness exhaustion.

Learning how to ride a balance bike. Check out the guy in the background. Hehe.

His requested a picture of his raisin turtle sculpture


A trip to the library requires computer game play. That's fine with me.

I caught them watching the theme songs to old cartoons like "Ducktales" and "Tail Spin"

Our tupperware containers are rarely inside the cabinet.

Photo bomb

I'm going to miss summer

I love these boys.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Mason is in Kindergarten!

Here is Mason's first day of school. Our life has changed in every way since this first day. I no longer have these free, open days to fill with whatever my heart desires. There is another power controlling my schedule in a rather inconvenient way. Mason only goes for half of the school day (crazy, right?), and everytime I drop him off or pick him up I have to wake either Weston or Donovan from a nap. It's kind of sad. But they will just learn to be flexible and a little sleep deprived. We look forward to Saturdays when those naps can go on uninterrupted.
BUT Mason loves school. He pouts when weekends come around and he can't go to school. I'm thrilled that it's been a good experience for him! A few days before school started he asked, "Mom, after I go to kindergarten, am I going to college?" I'm sure it's going to feel that way when that time comes.
Leading up to dropping him off at the school, I felt excited for him and a little excited to give Donovan and Weston some more attention. I was fine up until he walked away, then my heart grew heavy. He has entered a new world. I no longer witness all moments of his life. I am no longer the majority influence in his life. I am sharing my son with this little world. I pray the world will be kind and good to this pure soul. 

Donovan wanted to be in all the pictures.

The only picture of him by himself...

I got such a kick out of all the parents with cameras.
And there he is, waving good-bye. He's really going to grow up leave one day, isn't he?