Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014 Happiness

This is our life. I couldn't be more grateful.

Tummy Time. This is why it's taking so long for him to roll over. Plus the fact that he is 18 lbs at six months old.

Peas. Not a fan.

What we look like on our way to the park. A cuteness explosion.

Dinosaurs sleeping in their nests.

Left foot up, tongue out.

The first time together. This made my heart very happy.

Sometimes the weather is heavenly.

And this guy can soak up some vitamin D on those perfect days.

Mason requested this picture be taken. Love them.

This was Pi day. I like the thought of making this a tradition.

Final product. Cherry. We ate about 1/4 of it. The making was way more fun than the eating.

Six Months!


D made "rock"et shoes. I asked if they were uncomfortable, and he said they were "just tickelwy."

I could only protest so much. There is southern blood running through his veins.

A rare moment caught on camera.

On one nice day, I told the boys to grab a ball and go outside.

Those are feet. It's so hard to get a clear picture of this wiggle worm nowadays.

More tummy time. Love that face. He finally rolled over this month. I have a video of it below.

So cute.

Proving to me that his jacket does have a hood.

And lots of videos:

A Day at the Park

Donovan Playing Peekaboo

Weston Hangin' in the Boys' Room

Weston Giggles

Hello Mellow Yellow

Fake Snake in the Backyard

Sleepy Jumper

Weston Finally Rolls Over!

Our Mason at Five

Mason is Five Years Old. He loves growing and learning, and doesn't seem intimidated by much. He is still so sensitive to the needs and happiness of those around him, but he has grown into it so that it's not debilitating like it was before. He goes out of his way to sooth his little brothers when they are upset. He smothers his baby brother with kisses (wow, huge change from when D was born). Throughout the day, Mason and Donovan play together, cracking each other up in the process. Of course they fight as well, they are siblings, after all. Here are some pictures from the last few days as we continued celebrating his birthday:

Birthday Present from Uncle Nick. Nebraska finally has some representation in this house.

His actual birthday. We went to the indoor pool.

We wore him out at the pool. I love that he will nap in public.

He burst into my room that morning (rather early, I will add), saying "Moooom I'm five years Ooooold!"


Mason can read. Justin works with him just about every day. They have to "earn" TV time by practicing words and letters.

Mason also learned how to tie his shoe. We are prepping for Kindergarten.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mason Turns Five!

Wow, this boy was excited for his birthday. And he kept changing his mind about what kind of party he wanted to have. Fighter Jets, Hot Wheels, I don't remember them all. So I suggested just doing a Chuck E Cheese party, and he said yes! Even though he had no idea what went on at Chuck E Cheese, he's seen the rat on commercials, and that's all he needed. That's good marketing.
Luckily, we have the nicest Chuck E Cheese in the region, apparently people drive hours to come to the one just a few minutes away from us because it's clean.
It turned out great. A bit of chaos (not in my house), some food (which I didn't prepare), cake and ice cream (ordered from Target and they cut and served it.), and presents. And someone else cleaned up the mess. Perfect for this month of my life. I will host parties for my kids again, it just wasn't going to happen this time.
We've met some great people here this last year, I'm grateful that Mason has good friends. He even invited his primary teacher from church, Sister Waadt. He loves her!
Happy Birthday Mason! I love being your Momma!
PS - I have a video at the end of most of this if the gagillion pictures I'm about to post are not enough.

He spent most of his time on this game. I was the same way when I was younger. It was cute, he would throw each ball seven or eight times before it went in, but he never gave up or got discouraged!

The best Daddy a boy could ever hope for.

Thank you, Target.

He's not excited or anything.

Party Animal

This is him showing me what Grandma got him, lol.

And Here's the Crew. This was the best photo I could get out of about twenty attempts, lol. I'll take it!